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My Ez Fire Check ⁠— Three Months Free

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From now until 31 January 2020, Hotel & Catering Review readers can sign up to My Ez Fire Check and get three months completely free!*

The process is simple. Just fill out the contact form and one of our team will get back to you within one business day.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at info@myezfirecheck.com or call +353 1 645 4727. But make sure to mention "Hotel & Catering Review".

Keep scrolling to discover more about My Ez Fire Check's features and benefits.

* Offer valid for new customers only on a minimum 12 month contract. Subject to terms and conditions.

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My Ez Fire Check ⁠— Features

Fire Check Device

We supply your business with a tablet preloaded with our proprietary My Ez Fire Check software package.


Fire Checks

Periodic safety checks are required by law. They include fire alarm, lighting and extinguishers.The checklist is ticked off item by item.


Take a Picture

If an item fails inspection, the app prompts one to take a picture and gives the responsible person an option to type in an explanation.


Digital Signature

The responsible person signs a digital signature once completed.



Fire Safety Compliance

It ensures compliance with the Fire Services Act 1981 & 2003 and Safety, Health & Welfare Act at Work 2005.


Reminder Alerts

Users can set alert times and when prompted are shown the periodic fire checklist for that day.


Backed up to the Cloud

All log history is time-stamped and stored in the cloud. It is available atfor inspection at any time.


Eliminates Paperwork

The comprehensive digital logs cut down the need for paper files. The app's easy to use features also allow for significant time savings.

My Ez Fire Check - Benefits

Risk Reduction
  • Provides genuine peace of mind. Risk of fire is greatly reduced.

  • Ensures that organisations remain compliant, avoiding risk of fines or foreclosure.

  • Automated system reduces the scope for human error.


  • Less time spent carrying out the necessary checks. Completed records can be accessed instantly if needed.

  • System can go live almost immediately. Checks can be carried out, real-time information gathered, and reports generated within one day of installation.

  • The standardised process will reduce ambiguity and improve the quality of fire safety procedures.

  • Faster checks due to an easy to use mobile interface. Data gathering facilitated through an accompanying desktop site.

  • Increased number of checks completed post-installation.


  • Guarantees a structured approach to fire safety. Compliance can be tracked and measured with ease and accuracy.

  • Provides proof that the responsible person visited and checked every item on the checklist.

  • Clear visibility over checks in progress, future checks and completed checks.

  • Automatic alerts are generated and sent to management if a check is missed or failed, ensuring accountability at all levels in the organisation.


  • No need to administer and handle paper reports and logs.

  • Completion of digital checklists provides consistency of data.

  • Cloud based technology removes storage issues and allows for reports and logs to be accessed instantly.

  • Ability for organisations to customise checklists to their exact specifications, including the creation of sub-sites.

Our Process

1. Initial Callback

After you have completed the contact form, one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. Over a casual phone conversation, we will answer any queries you might have about both the My Ez Fire Check app and your fire safety compliance obligations. We will:


  • Discuss why you need My Ez Fire Check.

  • Find out a little about your business.

  • Answer your questions.

  • Give you an idea of costs and timeframes.

  • Decide if you would like a formal quotation and move forward.

3. Installation and Setup

Once a date has been agreed upon, our team will arrive on site to install and setup the My Ez Fire Check software. This will involve a walk through the premises whereby it will be “tagged out”.


Essentially, this is the process of placing Near Field Communication (NFC) tags at points around the building. These are small tags, each embedded with a unique code. When the responsible person is carrying out the periodic fire check, they will “tap” the tags with the device containing the My Ez Fire Check app.


The system is now ready to use.

2. Book an Appointment

Now that you have opted to go with My Ez Fire Check, we can start doing our job. Arrangements will be made for an on-site visit, whereby our team will install and setup the software on your premises.


In advance of this, you should send on a premises map and an inventory listing that covers all fire safety equipment and features, i.e. fire extinguishers, lighting, fire doors, etc.


Providing these in advance will allow for the installation process to take place as smoothly as possible.

4. Technical Support

Ongoing technical support is available to all My Ez Fire Check Clients. This can be accessed by calling the team directly.


There is also a “members” area on www.myezfirecheck.com which contains additional support features.


Additionally, the system will send automated email reports in the event of any missed or failed checks.

ez LOGO.png
ez lOGO text.png


Phone: +353 1 645 4727

Email: info@myezfirecheck.com


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